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Prelude :
Noone can remember the cause of the conflict between the Matrian Government and the Carodian Federation, but it smoldered for years. That was until the Carodian spacefleet started a blitzkrieg by destroying the Matrians government seat in the Nerotia-System. In the following confrontation nearly the whole Matrian spacefleet was destroyed.
Soon the war was lost, but there was still hope. The Magellan, a massive Matrian cruiser, took emplacement in the outer sectors, far away from any populated system. Their government had fallen, but the Matrians will was unbroken. Several months passed by, the resistance was formed and coordinated by the Magellan* crew, and the situation looked more confident every day. Until  they recieve a  S.O.S. message of an allied vessel and move out to help ...
As far as the Magellan falls out of the Hyperspace the crew recognizes that they directly jumped into an Carodian ambush. Instantly suffering heavy damage they loose their tax nozzles and crash into a near planets surface . Most of the crew instantly die, several follow while defending the Magellans wreck . The remaining people are caught within the wreck, surrounded by enemy troops. Their only hope is an intact freighter in the hangar bay. They take anything that could possibly raise their chances of an escape and install it on the freighter. After a few hours they´re done with the modification of the vessel and get ready for their breakthrough. Maneuvering through the enemy lines with breakneck speed they manage to survive and open a gate into hyperspace.
After their escape the remaining members of the *Magellans* crew  split up at the outer systems to get back to their families or to hide themselves from the Carodian reign.


Nolan himself had nowhere to go, beeing hunted as leader of the resistance his options were limited. He found a hideout on a small planet at the outer sectors of the civilized galaxy and out of the Carodians reach, doing deliveries and transports with his freighter.
5 years passed by, nothing changed. But Nolan couldn´t manage to forget his past, until it caught up with him one day.
And this is where the journey of the Mighty Bandit and her hilarious crew begins ...
First Idea of the stories intro. It´s only a draft and not finished yet, but I had to write down my thoughts. :D

I´m not an author in any way, and english isn´t my native language, but I hope it´s at least clear what I wanted to tell you.Sweating a little... 
ExplodedPineapple Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Ist schon mal ein interessantes Intro! Ich würd einfach mal weiterschreiben und schauen, wohins einen so verschlägt. So mach ich das zumindest mit meinen Stories - So hat man auch nen gewissen Handlungsspielraum wenn die Story nicht 100% festgesetzt ist!
CoSinus78 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Sobald ich wieder Zeit dafür find werd ich das genau so in Angriff nehmen :D
ExplodedPineapple Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Freut mich zu hören^^!
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July 11, 2014


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